Because you are a part of the Encounter family we have some resources for you.  These resources are intended for the congregation of Encounter Church and due to limited resources or licensing we might not be able to give them out to people from other churches.


RightNow Media

Right Now Media is kind of like the Netflix of Christian Bible Study.  This is where we get our curriculum for our Groups.  If you miss a night of Groups you can watch the video you missed with this.  There is also a huge library of other videos that you can use to help yourself to grow spiritually.  If you have children, there are tons of videos that they would love to watch.  There is even some videos that you can watch with them like 5 minute devotionals.

Anyways, we need your information so we can send you an invite.  Use the form below and we will send you the link to set up your account.

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Memorizing scripture is very important.  And because of that we have a tool to make things a little easier.  That tool is called Scripture Typer.  Used by thousands of people, this tool helps make memorizing scripture easier.  It also makes it a ton of fun by giving points.  

If you are a part of our family and would like the Pro version fill out the form below.  We have some codes available which would give you the pro version for free.  We have limited codes so fill out the form soon and get started memorizing.

We will send you a code with instructions on how to redeem the code and get started.

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Church Center App

This app connects to our church database to make giving, finding information for events, finding information and conencting with your Groups, checking in for kids ministry and much more easier for you.  

You can also keep up to date with your giving by seeing your previous donations.

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