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If you are a part of our Prayer Group you will have seen a prayer request for Costa Rica. There was a tropical storm that has left the area devastated.  This is the same area that we as a church have decided to come alongside and support.  There has been extreme flooding, leaving people stranded without electricity, food and homes.  
There is a team from our Campbell River Foursquare Church (Gateway Foursquare Church) in the area serving the churches and people of the area.  
We want to support their relief efforts.  Tomorrow (Octorber 8th) during our service we will be taking up a special offering for this.  I understand that most of us do not carry cash or a cheque book around anymore so I wanted to make sure you knew that we will be doing this so that you can be prepared to give.  You can also give to this by e-transfer.  Email [email protected] with the question as "what is the church office street number?" and password being “735”.  Let us know it’s for the Costa Rica disaster relief in the notes.